Visiting Here from Blogspot?

_mg_4767blogheaderaI think I’m going to move my blog to WordPress! I think it is purtier! 😉 It’s fun to play with blogs, isn’t it? It will take me awhile to learn the ropes though, so excuse my fumblings. If you enjoy reading my ramblings and nonsense, I now have this new home!! My new blog address is! 🙂 I so appreciate online journals, a space to share thoughts, photos, and meet so many wonderful people.



To Word Press or Not to Word Press?


I’m playing around with Word Press in attempts to see if I’d like to move over from Blogspot. So far, I haven’t found WP to be as user friendly, yet it seems like it could be more aesthetically pleasing in many ways. I saw that there is a Word Press for Dummies book and I put it on hold at my library. 🙂 My biggest problem is I’m having a horrible time uploading/editing my own photos to fit blog header. Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired. ZZZzzzz.